Taco Spices and Seasonings

This is a clone for the stuff you buy in 1- ounce packets to create, as the package says, “a fun-filled Mexican fiesta in minutes.” Isn’t that so true? In fact, thanks to Lawry’s my last Mexican fiesta was filled with so much fun that I had to take a siesta the next day. I owe it all to that fabulous little packet of seasoning. And now I promise you just as much fun with this TSR clone. Golly, maybe even [...]


Taco Sauce Recipe

Amount – Ingredient — Preparation Method 2lbs – Anaheim or New Mex. chiles — Roast — peel, deseed 1 lb. – Yellow Hungarian Wax chiles — seeded and chopped 1 – Serranos and chilli willy — seeded and chopped 2 1/2  lbs. – Tomatillos — slice 1/8″ thick 7 lbs. – Green tomatoes — slice 1/4″ thick 1/2 bunch – Cilantro — rough chop 4 cloves – Garlic 1 – medium White onion — chopped 1/4 cup – Lime juice 1/4 – cup Apple cider vinegar 2 Tbs. – Salt 4 Tbs. – Corn Starch 1. Heat a large [...]


Chicken Fajita Seasoning Mix Recipe

A couple years ago Taco Bell and Kraft Foods got together to produce a line of products – everything from taco kits to salsas and spice mixes – all stamped with the familiar Taco Bell logo and available in supermarkets across the country. The idea was a winner, and now the Taco Bell line of products is among Kraft’s top sellers.  The clone of this mix, made with a combination of common spices and cornstarch, can be kept indefinitely until [...]


Traditional Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wings Recipe

This  items gives us the zesty flavor of traditional Buffalo chicken wings without the bones or skin. That’s because these “wings” are actually nuggets sliced from chicken breast fillets that are breaded and fried, then smothered with the same type of spicy wing sauce used on typical wings. If you like Buffalo wings, you’ll love this recipe. Serve these babies up with some celery sticks and bleu cheese dressing on the side for dipping. Now you can actually eat Buffalo [...]

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