was created to showcase one of the most outrageous chilli plants of all time and to serve up some serious heat in the chilli and spicy food world, through our various branded products and edibles.

The name “Chilli Willy” lovingly refers to a rare species of chilli plant that naturally grows amusingly shaped chillies that are fully edible and taste incredible. A unique combination that is at the core of the company and evident in all of our products.

Chilli Willy is making an impact in the food and gifts industry worldwide. See our Press & Media page for more.

Our Products

Our chilli products are designed to shock, thrill and amaze you and your friends, your family and anyone else’s taste buds!

All our products are based around our core beliefs that food should bring people together, to try new things and to explore the incredible world of chillies.

Chilli Willy is a social food brand focused on delivering some of the World’s most talked about, tasty and naturally addictive food and gift products that are guaranteed to make people smile.

Customer Reviews

Company Vision

Founded in 2008, our aim is not only to spread the laughter and entertainment of this amazing plant with our Award-Winning “Grow your own” range, but also share our core vision of combining great taste with great entertainment.

Another aim is to highlight the amazing health benefits of eating chillies, the ability that chillies have to add new flavours to your food depending on what variety you choose, to burn extra calories, promote well-being and to even act as Aphrodisiacs!