Chilli Willy® – 6 Pot Greenhouse Kit

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Grow Your Own Naughty Looking Chillies 6 Pot Greenhouse Kit

  • 6 x Genuine Chilli Willy (Grow your own naughty looking chillies) seeds
  • 6 x plastic plant pots
  • 1 x bag of organic growing medium
  • Full growing instructions
  • Re-usable mini greenhouse (doubles as propagator)



Shortlisted by shows such as Jamie Oliver’s Celebrity Food Show and “Let’s Do Lunch” with Gino and Mel* Grow your own naughty looking chillies with the hilarious Chilli Willy® greenhouse kit.

Our award winning Chilli Willy® kit allows you to grow the most outrageous looking chillies.
Chilli Willies are a natural variety of chilli pepper that grow into phallic shapes. The Chilli Willy® kit comes with 6 pots, 10 rare Chilli Willy seeds and organic growing medium, so you can easily grow hilariously shaped chillies with ease, why not have growing competitions with your friends and impress all your guests at dinner parties! What’s more, once your Chilli Willies are ready, you can eat them too! Give someone a gift that will make them smile for months to come… get them a Chilli Willy® 6 Pot Greenhouse Kit Now!